Here is what church leaders are saying about Your Personalized Bible:

Brian Houston“I loved the Bible and I was quoting excerpts from it in church!! It is a great idea!”
Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church, Sydney, Australia
Dutch Sheets“What an incredible experience to actually see the Word of God personalized with your own name! Your Personalized Bible brings a powerful fresh awareness that God knows you by name and that the tremendous blessings in the Word of God are for you.”
Dr. Dutch Sheets, Author of Intercessory Prayer and River of God
Samantha Landy“Loving my own personalized Bible as I do, I gave Your Personalized Bible to friends of mine, a nationally known ministerial couple. They were so blessed, she immediately ordered 24 more… one for each of her children and grandchildren and some friends. The following Christmas she told me that her children and grandchildren told her, over and over, that of all of the presents she had ever given them, this was the best!”
Samanatha Landy, Author of Savvy Singles Relationship Secrets
Wendell Smith“When I was first given a copy of the Personalized Bible, with my own name in it, I wept as I read the Scripture as if it were written for me. You will weep too as well as repent, fear God, and fall in love with Jesus all over again. This simple concept will change many lives and should be placed in the hands of every new believer.”
Wendell Smith, Senior Pastor, The City Church of Seattle, Seattle, WA
George Pearsons“What a wonderful personal treasure! We love them! I believe you receive all that you are believing the Lord for, as you have such a ministry to His people!”
George Pearsons, Senior Pastor, Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, TX
Ken Gaub“I am promoting it (Your Personalized Bible) across the nation in meetings, on TV and radio because I believe it’s a great soul-winning tool. People read it BECAUSE THEIR NAME IS IN IT. Kids and grandkids should all have one. Mine do! Great birthday, graduation and Christmas gifts too.”
Ken Gaub, Ken Gaub World Wide Ministries, Yakima, WA
David Warren“I have to tell you, David Warren from the Road Show says, this is one of the coolest, neatest tools now available to Christians.”
David Warren, The Road Show, KNYD, Tulsa, OK
Terry Tripp“The Bible is not a book ABOUT God; IT IS GOD… His thoughts, His ways and HIS love letter to YOU. I’ve been in full-time ministry for nearly 40 years. This version of The Word is the best I’ve EVER had in my hands. After you read just one verse with your name in it, you’ll NEVER see the Bible, or yourself, the same way again. Get a copy for every member of your family. That’s what my dad and mom did. I am forever grateful.”
Terry Tripp, Author/National speaker, Terry Tripp Ministries, Gallatin, TN
Barbara Wentroble“I love Your Personalized Bible! It has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you for making my time with the Lord richer through the use of this Bible. I read the Bible through each year and I am using Your Personalized Bile for the New Testament portion of my reading.”
Barbara Wentroble, Wentroble Christian Ministries, Duncanville, TX
Jon Oletzke“What a surprise and then what a delight when I received a gift copy of Your Personalized Bible from Ken & Barb Gaub. Ken said, “Pastor, this is going to bless you.” Boy was he right on! This personalized New Testament has really been a meaningful boost to my Bible reading.”
Jon Oletzke, Senior Pastor, Stone Church, Yakima, WA
Ed Dufresne“My whole family has received their own copy of Your Personalized Bible. It makes the Bible come alive to us in a fresh way. I know it will bless you and make God’s Word more personal to you.”
Dr. Ed Dufresne, Ed Dufresne Ministries, Murrieta, CA
Doug Graves“We’ve always known that making the Word of God personal brings incredible impact on our lives. But now we have a Bible that actually does that. Your Personalized Bible is awesome! Every Christian needs one.”
Doug Graves, Senior Pastor, Word of Faith Center, Kennewick, WA
Mark Hankins“Trina and I appreciate you and your ministry. Your Personalized Bible is a tremendous ministry tool and a blessing to the body of Christ. May God richly bless you!”
Mark Hankins, Mark Hankins Ministries, Alexandria, LA
Wanda Turner“Its awesome…how alive the most routine verse has become! I can’t put it down.”
Dr. Wanda A. Turner, Author of Sex Traps and Celebrate Change
Prince Parker“My wife and I were absolutely floored by this awesome New Testament. I could only worship God and she read Ephesians with tears in her eyes.”
Prince Parker, Pastor, Cáceres, España
Gabe Abdelaziz“Your Personalized Bible is very impressive and I believe it will serve to bless many lives. May the Lord bless you and your ministry.”
Bishop Gabe Abdelaziz, Alpha Beth Ministries, Paso Robles, CA
Melinda Lancaster“I want you to know that I was very touched by Your Personalized Bible and have been able to minister to several hurting people by either printing out the free Scriptures or passing along the link to the site.”
Rev. Melinda Lancaster, Don’t Faint Ministries, Spring Hill, TN