Mobile Device Gifting Instructions

You can now place a gift order for Your Personalized Bible for mobile devices

You can make a gift of Your Personalized Bible for iPhone/iPad, Android and windows Mobile.

  1. Place your order including all personalizations. You will need to wait until you receive a notice that we have completed your customized Your Personalized Bible.
  2. Then log into your account at and select My Account and look for the link to view your order history.
  3. While viewing an order, there is a link at the bottom of the page that allows you to show gift links for all the products in the order.
  4. Find the most recent transaction in your order history, which should contain several products – one for each platform we support.
  5. Use the gift links from one of those products to transfer all of the products to your recipient so they can download their Your Personalized Bible on any or all of our supported platforms.
  6. To give the downloadable product to someone, simply email them the gift link. When they follow the link they will be given the opportunity to accept the transfer, which will move the product from your download account to theirs.

Note: Creating gift links does not change anything in your download account. You can even follow a gift link and it won’t affect anything in your account. Someone has to actually select the “Accept” button on the transfer page to move the product from your account to theirs. Specifically, you do not need to ever transfer a product back to your own account just because you accidentally chose the option to view the gift links. Unless you share the link with someone else and they follow the link and accept the gift, the product remains in your account.