Hope for Tomorrow,

    Empowerment for Today

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Now available from the founders of Your Personalized Bible, a Kindle book that could change your life!

Experience the incredible power of God for your life that is available in Christ. Step up to a new level of freedom and hope. Be inspired by the application of Biblical examples and the author’s personal experiences. In short, allow God’s Word to transform your life.

Volume 1 topics include “Where’s Waldo”, “Ready, Aim, Fire!” and “Identity Theft”.

Volume 2 topics include “Upside Down”, “Counterfeit” and “Escape from the Pound”.

Volume 3 topics include “Close to the Fire”, “From Quarks to Galaxies” and “Someday I Will Hear This Heart Again.”

Hope for Tomorrow, Empowerment for Today can be given as a gift to anyone with an e-mail address. The recipient can read the book on a registered Kindle device or any free Kindle reading application. You do not need a Kindle device to send or receive Kindle books as gifts. Just look for this button on the right side of the product page:


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