Hope For Tomorrow, Empowerment For Today Vol. 3 (E-book)


As Christians we have hope for a better tomorrow, a promise that this life isn’t all there is. What is too often missing in Christian teaching is the empowerment to live today free from the bondage of addiction, the pain of broken relationships and the condemnation of the devil. We dream of a better tomorrow but old thinking keeps us from the changes needed to see that future become a reality. In this book we will explore together the grace that God gives to live in the fullness of what Jesus did on the cross and who we are in Christ. Come with me on a journey of hope and empowerment.

What readers are saying about “Hope for Tomorrow, Empowerment for Today”:
“Uplifting, fresh, and motivating”
“Opens my heart up to hope and encouragement”
“Practical, humorous and insightful”

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