Here is what our customers are saying about Your Personalized Bible:

“One of the best gifts we give that is beyond price is the Word of God through the Personalized Bibles you provide. May God continue to bless and prosper your ministry and business abundantly in the name of Jesus!”
James M., Santa Clarita, CA

“I love my new Your Personalized Bible!! It’s amazing how personalizing the living Word brings me closer to the presence of God. I see and hear the Word differently. It is POWERFUL!!.”
Jamie R., Moses Lake, WA

Your Personalized Bible is a great tool for helping all people to understand that God is talking directly to each and every person. Your Personalized Bible is confirmation that God is actually speaking to your heart. Once you read your name in the actual Scriptures they come alive to the individual reading it.”
Shirley T., Dublin, GA

“The quality of this product is exceptional. I stayed up late last night just going through different Scriptures and enjoying saying them aloud as I read my name off the pages. It was like I was seeing the Word of God with brand new eyes.”
Angela H., Washington, DC

“It is the best gift to get anyone – God’s promises spelled out with your own name! That should make anyone believe easier. A great way to evangelize without saying a word! A great way to have the Word come alive! I can’t say enough good about your personalized Bibles! Thanks again.”
Marlene C., Chambersburg, PA

“I have (Your Personalized) Bible on my iPad and I am loving it.”
Norma L., Los Angeles, CA

“We have really enjoyed how personalization has made God’s word come alive & personal as we read it! Thanks!!”
Danny S., Raleigh, NC

“When I first heard about this Bible, I was enduring yet another low point in my life. When my CD arrived, I quickly uploaded the personal promises and never looked back. When I’m needing to “hear” my Father “speak” to me, I pull up Your Personalized Bible on my iPad and I’m blessed all over again! I’ve gone as far to order many of your products for my pastors, family and friends. I want them to experience the joy that I had with this ministering tool. THANK YOU!”
Rolanda J., Milwaukee, WI

Your Personalized Bible gets it to your brain and heart better because it says your name. I think everyone should have one.”
Jean G., Adair, OK

“Allow me to thank you for the beautiful personalized Bibles you and your company created. They were simply gorgeous, and my parents love them! The name personalization has added new life and significance to their time with the Lord. Now they have Bibles they can truly call their own. After salvation, they are the best gift anyone could receive”
Altronise W., Memphis, TN

“We bought Your Personalized Bible for our niece for her 10th birthday in March, she loved it so much and asked us today if we had one. We told her no, she said you guys better order it today. Well we just did for our Ipad & even had a coupon code. Looking forward to reading the Scripture with personalization.”
Jim K. Vero Beach, FL

“I am so wonderfully impressed with your great work! What a blessing this will be to our family! What a wonderful way to soak up the Word!”
Stephanie G., Gatineau, QC, Canada

“I am a kindergarten teacher and I suggested to my students’ parents that they buy one for their child. They love them!”
Karen W, Upper Marlboro, MD

“Thank you for the effort and efficiency in mailing the Bible within a short time. I can’t get enough of this beautiful Bible. God bless you and keep it up.”
Henry N., Nyahururu, Kenya

“Thanks for a really innovative product with a very attractive price. I was in the printing industry for 25 years, so I really appreciate how the new technologies have enabled businesses like yours to flourish, in Jesus’ Name!”
Beth B., San Diego, CA

“I am so thrilled and humbled by the way God is victorious even through disaster and pain. I have ordered the items from you as Christmas gifts-thinking they would be special, they are and now after reading more from this website, I am awed by how very much more special they will be. Every recipient of these gifts will get to read this website and know that they can live victoriously, and that Jesus truly has conquered death.”
Lian Q., Singapore

“When I started reading One Flesh, I was overcome with emotion. I read just a couple of Scriptures and I couldn’t stop crying realizing God loves ME. I have heard it and said I believed it, but I think part of me couldn’t believe how He could. This little One Flesh book brought me to tears and to my knees. I will be buying this for all my weddings and the healing for all I know that are sick.”
Michelle P., Big Lake, MN

“When I would get in a low mood, I will read Your Personalized Bible and just hearing my name being said will ALWAYS lift me up. I am truly blessed by this book.”
Robin O., Bronx, NY

“I am in awe of such a wonderful [Bible]. The quality is even better than I expected. The gold lettering adds that special touch to it and just to see my name in the scriptures leaves me speechless.”
Velda A., Memphis, TN

“The Word takes on a new meaning when I can actually SEE my name in the verses! I also purchased the Personal Pocket Scriptures for my closest friends and they were, to say the least, amazed. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this product!”
Gail G., Lima, OH

“I had the privilege to see my husband receive his Your Personalized Bible. The excitement and joy on his face was priceless.”
Debbie H., Regents Park, Australia

“My parents love it (Personal Pocket Scripture One Flesh) and were taken up with the surprise. It most certainly is a Holy Spirit inspired book. They are showing it to all our Christian friends.”
Andrina D., Colombo, Sri Lanka

“What a most profound effect Your Personalized Bible has on me! I just received it and I feel as though I am truly hearing God’s voice for the first time, though I have been a Christian for over 30 years. My heart leaps inside me as I read it! It is amazing how the Word of God becomes so REAL and ALIVE when I see my own name written in the Scriptures. I believe God ordained this work of your ministry to be one of the greatest blessings in our time to open the eyes and ears of His people, and to see just how personal God really is to us.”
Paulette J., Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“Everyone that I have purchased Your Personalized Bible for has been overjoyed with the gift. I believe that it helps us read and receive the Scriptures the way that Father God intended His word to be…PERSONAL.”
Sonya C., Houston, TX

“Oh my gosh – This Bible far FAR exceeded my expectation – IT’S AWESOME!!!!! It was nice to go to some of my favorite scriptures and see the promises of GOD with my name in it!”
Belinda D., Mondeor, South Africa

Your Personalized Bible is so touching and a great gift for anyone to treasure.”
Cherylynn H., Sussex, WI

My heart was flooded with love and compassion as I read…. I am so very excited to give them what I think is the most wonderful present (the written Word) they will ever receive other than the Lord himself (the Living Word). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a perfect gift. Hallelujah Forever!!!
Sue A., Lakeland, FL

“Once you receive it, you won’t stop reading it.”
April J., Harrisburg, PA

Your Personalized Bible is such a blessing and is helping me in my Bible study and in my confidence as a Christian. I feel closer to the Lord through the personalisation of His Word to me.”
Ann L., Newcastle upon Tyne, England

“Wow! My wife just got her copy that I bought her for her 40th birthday. I am so impressed with the quality! Thank you so much for your ministry.”
Russell G., Kenner, LA

“I have never been so happy about having this so special Bible in my life. It helps me so much in that my husband is not living for the Lord and I feel alone in my Christian walk. Seeing my name helps make me feel Jesus truly is talking right at me.”
Lisa M., Midwest City, OK

“Tina has received her personal Bible and is VERY pleased with it. Her words: “It is beyond awesome!” I am very pleased, too! Thank you very much!”
Melodie V., Battle Creek, MI

“I wish to express my sincere heartfelt thanks to you for Your Personalized Bible. It’s the most valuable gift and I treasure it. It’s so personal that I can’t help not crying. It has touched my heart so much, I feel God is really speaking to me. The tears just flow. You have no idea how God has touched my heart and the cleansings I am receiving from Him.”
Eva K., Massillon, OH

“As a Bible teacher, I can think of no other way that the Word of God can be so personalized and enable a person to view the scriptures as directed to them.”
Joy J., Stratham, NH

“My husband is in prison and I sent him Your Personalized Bible to keep his spirits up. He told me how great it is to see his name and my name in it and he feels like God’s message is just for him. It is the best present I could have given him.”
Marianne S., Lynn, MA

“This Bible really makes God a personal experience and joy. This is one of the best gifts anyone can ever get.”
Johnnie G., Florissant, MO

“My seven year old granddaughter was in bed tonight reading hers and did not want to watch TV.”
Elizabeth N., Roanoke, TX

“I teach J.B.Q. which is Junior Bible Quiz. This year I got each of our kids that were graduating Your Personalized Bible and those kids have just been devouring God’s Word. The kids range in age from 8 to 12. They are doing their Bible Study and their parents are telling me that nobody is making them do their study. Two of the students their Mom told me that they were reading through the New Testament like it was a novel.”
Becky S., Yakima, WA

“I started to read the Identity in Christ page in the front of the book, and the scriptures hit home. I started to weep and thank God that this is what I have been looking for. The personalization of the scriptures made my heart jump a few times to realize that Jesus is my personal savior. I have been born again for a long time and didn’t know how much I am loved by Jesus and that I belong to him. THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!”
Vilma J., Holtsville, CA

“It’s great! Thank you all so much for doing what you do! I got so excited when I was reading Your Personalized Bible with my name in it. It was literally like GOD was speaking directly to me! Keep up the good work!”
Tyler N., Broken Arrow, OK

“Thank you for devoting your time to this project. It will lead many on the right path with confidence.”
Monica P., Ellendale, ND

“This is the greatest gift anyone could have given me. I can not put the Bible down. By the grace of God I have had revelation of how personal the Bible is to be to me/ but with my own name imprinted in the verses it really brings it to life. I believe this is a “Timely Project” and I know that many will be set free from the lies of the enemy through this wonderful idea. Our prayer will be for this to get into the hands of every family all over the world.”
Gladys S., Greer, SC

“I just received the Bible for Tim that I ordered and I am overwhelmed!!!!!! Thank you for this awesome ministry!
Lisa E., Milford, OH

“What an excellent idea for the Bible!!”
Wendy T., Concord, NH

“To God be the Glory!!! I am a Religious Studies student and have been praying to God about His purpose for my life. After being in His presence and ‘feeling’ a call to the Ministry, I asked God to confirm my ‘feeling’. Imagine the emotions that I felt when I read II Tim. 1:9 in Your Personalized Bible, “Charnette has a Holy Calling”. I will gladly walk the path that God has chosen for me even when I don’t quite understand. It is good to know that I, Charnette am God’s daughter!!! Thank you for what you have done to continue the vision of Paul and Amy, that all might see the goodness of the Lord.”
Charnette R., Baltimore, MD

“This was the best present I have ever received. I couldn’t wait to share it with members of our church family. Thank you so much for offering such a beutiful and unique Bible. A person should always read Scriptures and apply them to themselves, but it certainly is something special when you actually see your name in print.”
Sally S., St. Helens, OR

“I received a Your Personalized Bible from my sister for my birthday and it has been a huge difference reading it. I feel like the Lord is speaking directly to me and it makes the word so much more powerful for me.”
Diane T., Jupiter, GA

“I love it…somehow seeing your own name in a Bible verse DOES make it more impacting, personal, and faith-building. I have really enjoyed it (as a matter of fact, some of it made me cry as I sensed the love and care of God for me.)”
Lori G., Broken Arrow, OK

“My sister gave my oldest daughter a New Testament with her name in it. She proudly carries it to church and to other places as well. She loves showing people her name in God’s word. Thank you for what you do! It is a blessing.”
Kimberly B., Elgin SC

“I think this is a great idea. I have put people’s names in Scripture to pray for them or encourage them by giving them a personalized verse. Now technology is being used by God thru you to do this! Great! Praise the Lord.”
Anna R., Centennial, CO

“I have ordered more than 100 bibles and New Testaments for family and friends. Each one has been received with awe and reverence. Try giving two full bibles to a bride and groom for their wedding!!! It is awesome. Seeing your name mentioned in the bible makes you pay more attention! it really is personal!!!!”
Sharon P., San Pablo, CA

“I had purchased a couple of the Personal Scripture books for my dad who lives with dementia but came to Christ in the beginning stage of this awful disease. At first, his “old self” would rise up and criticize these books, and refuse to read them… but now that his mind has become more “child-like”, he’s been cherishing every word about himself! Thank you for blessing my dad, and all of us with these personal Scriptures!!”
Denise H., DeLand, FL

“I ordered a personal Bible as a present for a dear friend and word lover and it was a precious present for him.”
Evelyn S., London, England

“Love your stuff! Keep up the great work!”
Jay C., Windsor, NY

We had the opportunity to prepare a custom Bible for a young lady with severe dyslexia – Kim R. It was printed on a special dark green paper. When we get discouraged, we reread this letter (pdf) and it reminds us the difference Your Personalized Bible can make.